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The Fabulous Pink Story

The Fabulous Pink Story started when Keci Monique` was a young girl. She was the product of drug addict mother and an ambivalent father who chose to care for his other children. She was left to raise herself at the age of 15 years old. Not realizing her entrance into entrepreneurship, she managed to learn the skill of braiding hair. Later, she incorporated fashion and design into her dream. No matter what she endured, she was #UNSTOPPABLE. Although she had every reason to quit, she EmpowHERed herself to press on. Today, Pink Lady Couture presents a piece of Keci Monique`'s dream. Her goal is to EmpowHER young ladies globally to stand in their power.

P - Purpose | O - Opportunities | W - Wisdom | E - Enthusiasm | R - Resilience


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The Luxury of Pink Lady Couture

Pink Lady Couture was established in 2016. The luxury of Pink Lady Couture has to do with the quality of products that we use. We want every woman who wears Pink Lady Couture to feel the essence of opulence, fabulousness, posh, and stylish.  The feel of luxe again her skin starts with the types of shirts that we use. 






I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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