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What Makes An Event Fabulous?

There are many things that make a party fabulous. You should first seek the knowledge of a local event planner. In the Southeast Georgia,      Princess Diamond


Weddings & Events

by Pink Lady Couture is here to help you with making all the good decisions that you must make in order to have a fabulous party. However, you should know that they are some things that you can do to make any event fabulous. You should first start off with a menu. 

The menu or food that you plan on serving your guests will say everything about your event. If you want to just have finger foods or appetizers, you will want to have a dozen or two different foods to nibble on. You should also be more creative with veggies and such rather than meat. In general, America is pulling away from meat, and you may want to serve things that have low calories and look good. With all the diets that everyone is on, the food could be low calorie, low carbs. You may also want to purchase meat that has fewer fats. If you are going to serve meat, you should go with chicken and fish. You can serve grilled or stuffed veggies, but you may also want to do some sushi. Other than the food, most people come to a party for drinks. Also, consider your guests who are vegan or pescatarian or may be on some other dietary restriction. 

Drinks can be very expensive if you have an open bar. If you limit your party to having only a certain drink or a few drink options then you can offer the open bar without the huge expensive. You may want to have some nonalcoholic beverages as well like adding fruit puree to sparkling water. If you want to have drinks in a creative way, you may want to freeze some of the berries and fruits that are in season and then place them in the bottom of a drink. They will add some class to a drink and they keep the drinks colder. This trick looks great in the bottom of a wine glass.  We offer specially designed wine glasses that will highlight your event and keep your guests talking long after your event has ended.

The next part actually has little to do with the party, but the invitations. To have a fabulous party, you have to have as many people there as possible. In a digital world, many people have gotten lost in crowd of social media, text messaging, and other forms of digital communication. To do that, you need invitations that are professional, which is another service that we offer. You can  order the invitations, invitation sets, programs, announcements as well as adding the social media announcement for your guests to see. 


As for the décor we offer many creative options by mixing and matching some of the table linens and other decorations. This way the party looks lively and not dull. We have customized centerpieces to glamorously adorn your tables and settings. We can decorate with lemons, oranges, other fruits, flowers, glass, acrylic, bling and more. It will look elegant and nice. Candles also can an elegant ambiance. If you want to have a softer look, we can develop plenty of creative ways to incorporate your vision with our talents and skills to bring your event to life. 

Music is also a nice touch to a party. Depending on the type of party that you are having, you might want to  consider hiring a DJ. We have highly skilled DJ who is totally professional and comes with his own MC if you need one. The music has to mesh with the theme and vibe of the party. Jazz or instrumental can always work for practically any kind of party. 

Don't forget about photography and videography. You ABSOLUTELY CANNOT have an event without photography, and videography if needed. This is essential for creating the most memorable moments of your event. You want to look back on how it happened and how your guests engaged in the festivities and communication amongst themselves. As the guest of honor, you cannot be worried about this. Let the professionals capture these moments for you. You won't be sorry!

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