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Like anyone else who has chosen the road of entrepreneurship, Keci wanted the liberties of financial freedom, being able to make #BOSSBABE moves, make decisions, and have the flexibility to spend family time. However, there is a much bigger picture to show because it's not about her. The bigger picture associated with her purpose is about mentorship for disadvantaged at risk girls ages 14 to 18 years old who hold a passion for fashion.


These girls are often overlooked for many opportunities because of their freedom of art expression as it relates to fashion. They are often under educated, impoverished, and a weakened level of confidence. They are usually housed in urban neighborhoods and in some cases they reside in uninhabitable housing and in gang infested territories.


Keci was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Compton, California. She lived a nomadic life that included areas such as Los Angeles, Compton, Watts, Buena Park, Anaheim, and San Diego. Life was difficult for her to make and maintain friendships and cultivate meaningful relationships and memories. The areas that she resided in mirror the purpose of heart for eminent change for disadvantaged at risk girls ages 14 to 18 years old. She was not afforded the opportunity to graduate from high school. Thus, missing out on all of the senior moments. At the tender age of 19 years old, she had her first baby. Now, a single mother, she finally realized that at some point, she had to take control of her life and be responsible for how things played out.  


She experienced entrepreneurship early in life as a means to feed herself and eventually her children. As someone who grew up disadvantaged, she pursued eminent change, which entailed obtaining her GED, graduating with her undergraduate degree, and eventually, with her graduate degree. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at DeVry University in Long Beach, California. She earned her Master's degree in Forensic Psychology at Argosy University Online. She also won the

Abe Lincoln Perseverance Award

because she REFUSED to quit no matter how hard life was. 

She has gone on to accomplish many additional successes, such as becoming an author, creating intergenerational wealth by building several multi-streamed businesses, pursuing her passion to life coaching, being a wife, mother and Mimi to five beautiful grandchildren.


With every purchase, a portion of the profits will work decrease the chances of recidivism  amongst a diverse culture of girls, fight poverty through social justice, create opportunities for access to higher education, healthcare, justice, and economic opportunity through mentorships and scholarships.

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